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Take a (virtual) seat.  I have so much I want to share with you!
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I'll come and speak for your class or group:
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If you're a student, teacher, or parent and want some good reading suggestions in the genre of children's literature:
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I'm posting recommended reading lists and some blog-like essays of opinions on various topics ... on "The Salon and Reading List" page.
... with original artifacts and garments ...
Soon as I can overcome some technical challenges, I'll be posting photos of original garments in my collection:
On the "Museum" page.

...but I won't be posting pictures of me ..
and that's definitely not me in the picture at the right!
It's a photo from an original carte de visite, one of two dozen in the portofolio of a mid-19th century actress.  If you want to know who really is the sponsor of this website,
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January 2013 Update

The 2013 Symphony of Stitches event in Edinburg, VA will be held March 2. I'm introducing "Undergarments 101" before Colleen Callahan's talk.
Download the registration form here!
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